Thank you for your support to the women and children of Make Life Better Together, your partnership will create HOPE, HELP and Happiness.  The impact of your donations will help provide hope, by giving women and children coming out of domestic violence a 2 year residential program to help provide a safe residence, healing, growth, and transformation. 

We work using several different modalities but most importantly is the three step approach in healing and understanding theology, brain & nutrition therapy and equine therapy giving each person a better understanding in who they are and how they are relating to the world and others.  This gives our professionals direct ways to provide them with toolboxes that they can use for a lifetime.  

Our mission here is to provide a safe refuge for women and children, especially the at risk and foster children who are suffering the crisis of domestic violence and abusive homes.  Our two year residential program will offer a new beginning for each person.  On this 80 acre ranch they will learn skill traits, leadership, team work, computer literacy, financial literacy, budgeting, cooking, team building, agriculture, self-sustaining food sources, non-violent communication, listening skills, and critical thinking, and philosophy/theology from reading, education and discussions.  The horses are also part of the therapeutic team here and we have seen the successes of equine therapy in healing those with trauma.  All our experts will be Eagala certified.  We meet our residents’ physical needs by providing housing and food for the duration of the program, as well as medical and dental care.   

These women have been abused, neglected, and traumatized, and they do not need another welfare program.  Particularly at risk for poor mental and physical health, drug and alcohol abuse, and suicide.  How much longer are we going to curse and condemn. They need to be nurtured, guided, given a safe space to learn how to become well balanced individuals, in mind, body, soul, and spirit...and to create a life that is honorable for them, others, and the planet.  These once, abused women and children, are now properly prepared to take the helm and live a life they never thought possible for themselves and families.

They will Learn the following Trades To Care for their Ranch and Make a Profit: The Ranch Will Have a Shop to Sell to the Local Community and to Provide Local Soup Kitchens, and Church Pantries With Food.


-  Bee-keeping and selling honey and honey based products.

-  Natural medicine based products for: simple head colds, sore throats, skin moisturizers,     


-  Various craft skills

-  Growing and selling microgreens

-  Cultivating and selling mushrooms

-  Selling fresh produce from their food forest at the farmer’s market.

-  Making their own clothes from sustainable resources (hemp and bamboo)

-  Raising chickens for meat, eggs, soup, and bone broth.

-  Raising goats for milk, cheese, and soap. Also for renting out to other new landowners that need

   a field to be cleared, without the use and expense of heavy equipment.

-  Making fermented foods, infused vinegar, and oils

-  Raising cattle for meat, milk, bones, and hides.

-  Bioactive salsa

-  Canning 

-  Teaching tours and workshops on the ranch.


And our event center will bring in much funding as well.

Our team consists of social workers, MD’s, neurologist, psychologist, clinical nurse specialist in child and adolescence psychiatric nursing, and therapists to help build a toolbox for each individual to use daily.  The participants will leave the program a better self, wife, mother, brother, sister and thereby setting a foundation for the generations to come.  “One Family Serving Another Through Kingdom Building”  

These once, adults and youths at risk, are now properly prepared to take the helm and live a life they never thought possible for themselves.  With your help we can make a difference in a life!